Policy 1331


The District Clerk will be appointed by the Board at its Annual Organizational Meeting and will serve for a period of one year. The Clerk's duties include the following:

a) Attending all meetings of the Board, keeping a record of its proceedings, and recording, by name, those in attendance;
b) Preparing Board meeting minutes, obtaining approval of the minutes by the Board at the next meeting, signing the minutes to signify their official standing, and forwarding copies of the minutes to each Board member;
c) Sending notices of special meetings to Board members; contacting and communicating with members as required;
d) Ensuring that the proper legal notices and announcements are published on all specifications and items out on bid, in accordance with state law;
e) Maintaining an up-to-date record of Board policies and by-laws;
f) Delivering to, and collecting from, the President (or Vice President) papers for signature as may be necessary;
g) Distributing notices to the public announcing availability of budget copies to be presented at the Annual District Meeting in compliance with the requirements of the State Education Law;
h) Administering oaths of office; 
i) Giving written notice of appointment to persons appointed as inspectors of election;
j) Calling all meetings to order in the absence of the President and Vice President; and
k) Assuming other duties customary to the office.

The above duties of the District Clerk are not intended to be complete, but should serve as a guide in undertaking the duties of this office. The District Clerk will perform other duties as may be assigned periodically by the Board.

Policy References:
Education Law § 2121
Public Officers Law §§ 10 and 104

Adopted: 6/22/99
Revised: 9/6/22

Policy 1331