Are you a parent of an anxious child?  Do you often modify your family routine because of your child's symptoms?  Do you often find yourself doing things that would usually be your child's responsibility?  Have you regularly modified your work or leisure activities because of your child's anxiety?
If you have been nodding your head yes, then this free online workshop is right for you.

Erin Hassall, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor from the Spencerport Family Support Center will be offering this exclusive SPACE treatment workshop for parents with limited spots available for this upcoming 2023-2024 School Year.

SPACE is an expedition into your own parenting behavior - to help your anxious child.  SPACE is a treatment program for parents developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz from the Yale Child Study Center and stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions.  It is focused on the only thing you have control over with your child's anxiety, YOUR behavior.
SPACE focuses on shifting parental responses to anxious childhood emotions and it has proven to be very effective in treating your child's anxiety!

More information can be found on this effective program at www.spacetreatment.netSPACE Ted Talk, or What is SPACE video with Dr. Eli Lebowitz.  Research shows us that the SPACE treatment protocol is just as effective as individual cognitive behavioral therapy in treating anxious childhood emotions in children of all ages.  If your child struggles with obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors, general anxiety, separation anxiety, selective mutism, social anxiety, this SPACE group can help!

The SPACE Winter 2023 Pilot Group with Erin Hassall and Jeanne Pacitto Satisfaction Survey showed: 

100% rating of generally to definitely received the kind of service that they wanted from the SPACE group.

100% rating of excellent quality of service that the participants received from the SPACE group.

100% rating that almost all of their needs have been met by the SPACE group.

100% rating that if a friend needed similar help, they would definitely recommend this service to them.

100% rating of very satisfaction with the amount of help received.

100% rating that the services from the SPACE group somewhat to a great deal helped them deal more effectively with their child’s anxiety.

100% rating of feeling very satisfied with the service they received from the group.

100% definitely agreed that if they were to seek help again, they would come back to the SPACE group.

Lastly, all participants stated that they extremely agreed that Jeanne Pacitto (Munn School Counselor Co-Leader) and Erin Hassall (Family Support Center) were knowledgeable and helpful sharing the SPACE protocol, they were kind and compassionate, they responded quickly to calls and emails, and the weekly emails containing information and reminders were helpful. 

For more information, please contact Erin Hassall at 349-5158.

SPACE Brochure