Academic Planning

Course Selection and Planning to Meet Graduation Requirements

One of the primary functions of school counseling is to assist students, grades 7 through 12, in creating a plan for their high school program and for meeting graduation requirements. On an annual basis, school counselors assist students and parents in understanding the course selection process and requirements for the completion of high school.

Academic Counseling

As the school year progresses, school counselors play a major role in monitoring each child's academic progress. When appropriate, school counselors are in involved with parents, students and teachers as it pertains to academic success. Counselors are a key link between the family and the classroom teachers.

Career Planning

Starting in the elementary school, school counselors and classroom teacher work towards the completion of a career portfolio. Grade level activities build on the New York State Standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS). If you would like more detailed information on this curriculum, please contact your child's counselor.