Technology Department

Cory Allen 
Cory Allen
 Chief Information Officer

The Technology Department provides leadership, direction, and support to the District's academic programs and student support services. We support curricula, instruction, and administrative uses of technology for all K-12 academic programs. The department directly supports:
  • School and Academic Local Area Network
  • District owned hardware, including printers
  • Desktop support/help desk
  • District owned cell phones
  • Microsoft Outlook Email
  • Educational Software
  • Educational and Administrative computers and servers
  • Technology leadership and planning

Chief Information Officer

Cory Allen

Network Services

Paul Van Horn
Network Administrator

William Roberts
Workstation Infrastructure Manager

Steve Pickett
Senior Network Technician

Network Technicians

  Terry Cooper
Network Technician

Fausto Garcia
Network Technician

Field Services 

Paul Lobene
Help Desk/Intranet Coordinator

Briana Alepoudakis 
Computer Support Assistant 

Carrie Bertrand 
Computer Application Specialist

Shawna Geil
Computer Application Specialist

Diane Hanley
Computer Support Assistant 

Sean Dingle 
Computer Support Assistant

Technology Advisory Committee 

Digital Conversion Teams

2022 -2025 Instructional Technology Plan

Staff Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Student Acceptable Use Policy

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday,
we rob our children of tomorrow." John Dewey