Enrichment & Acceleration Opportunities

In Spencerport each student brings his/her special gifts to the learning environment.

Schoolwide Enrichment exists at all six schools. The Schoolwide Enrichment model recognizes and provides for individual differences in learning while raising standards for all children. Through Schoolwide Enrichment, high-end learning opportunities are integrated into the regular classroom curriculum to challenge each and every learner.

Each of the four elementary buildings has an enrichment specialist who works cooperatively with classroom teachers to provide appropriate challenges within the curriculum. Enrichment specialists are also responsible for coaching teachers in the art of differentiated instruction in their classroom. In addition, they provide small group enrichment opportunities in a variety of curricular areas.

The district offers an accelerated math program beginning in grade 6. 

Spencerport High School students may earn college credit by taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in their junior and senior years. Spencerport offers AP courses in English, biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, music, computer science, statistics, US history, world history, French, Spanish, government, psychology, and studio art based on enrollment. Students also have an opportunity to earn college credits for certain courses through the dual enrollment program with Monroe Community College, Syracuse University and SUNY Brockport.

For more information about these opportunities contact your school principal or call the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at 349-5130.

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